Sean is an all around great guy. Intelligence, good looks, athleticism, humility, he has it all. He also, coincidentally, wrote these blurbs. Sean is currently a high school mathematics teacher in the thriving metropolis of Wingham. In his spare time he enjoys participating in a variety of sports, especially basketball and football. Sean grew up (a little anyways) in Hamilton where his parents still live today.

Cathy is also a high school teacher specializing in Biology and Chemistry. She teaches at WCI in Woodstock, Ontario. Cathy grew up in Petrolia where she attempted (and succeeded in most cases) to do everything! While excelling at school, she played hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball and was a lifeguard at the local swimming pool. For those of you who know Cathy's hatred of being cold, you'll agree that this last one may have been her greatest accomplishment. She attended the University of Toronto, where she played both Hockey and Soccer at the varsity level, while earning a degree in Biochemistry. Whenever Cathy next encounters free time (damn you Harris!!!) she hopes to return to the many sports and outdoor activities that she loves.

Chris is the best possible advertisement for marriage. While he doesn't ALWAYS look happy now, you should have seen him before he met Krista! Chris works (yes you guessed it) as a mathematics teacher at the Country Day School in Richmond Hill. He loves the Yankees, the peanuts gang, all kinds of music and summer vacations. Chris and Sean met as members of the Teaching Students Association (TSA) at the University of Waterloo. They quickly became roommates, fierce SuperTecmoBowl rivals and close friends.

SUE ANDERSON: Maid of Honour
Sue is Cathy's soccer teammate, roommate and best friend from U of T. She is a phys-ed major and after university (honestly this is the last one) became a teacher. Sue was born, raised, schooled and currently lives in Toronto. She is such a city girl, when she comes to visit Waterloo, she thinks she's out in the country. Sue is famous for her sense of humour, her blunt honesty and her ability to make a "killer" jello shooter.

Mark truly is the most patient older brother a boy could have. He had to be to put up with the harassment and random acts of violence that Sean bestowed upon him growing up. Perhaps it was this "conditioning" which Sean constantly inflicted upon him that subconsciously inspired Mark to suit up in medieval armour and joint the Society for Creative Anachronism. In between his weekend job of slaying dragons, Mark works at Sybase (nee Watcom) in Waterloo as a computer programmer.

JIM RANDALL: Bridesmaid
Jim is the brother of the bride, and landlord at various times to both Cathy and Sean. When this wedding finally takes place Jim gets to reclaim his house (and his storage room) as his own. For all that know Jim, this just means he'll have to buy some more gadgets to fill the empty space. Jim also works as a computer programmer and is currently (at the time of publishing anyways) working at Joint Technology is Waterloo. In addition to his title as the king of Trivial Pursuit Jim should be particularly proud of his first place finish (again) in the WHL hockey pool.

Why beat around the bush? Mike is a hardware freak. A quick survey of the Patchett family basement shows that his interests include tools (any tools!), music (or at least drums) and rock climbing. In addition to having the hardware necessary, Mike continues to prove to also have the talent to succeed in almost anything he sets his mind to. Mike currently works for Paradise decks building the most beautiful ceder decks you could ever imagine. He is (or at least we hope he is) looking forward to building the deck to end all decks at Cathy and Sean's new house.

ERIC RANDALL: Bridesmaid
Eric has managed to turn his childhood pastime of mastering Atari games into a six figure income designing video games for BlackBox in Vancouver. He is currently working on a "3 on 3 Blitz Style Hockey Game" which is going to "kick serious ass" when it's finished. Eric is about 6'2", 180 lbs with a slim athletic build. He enjoys snowboarding, rock-climbing, and likes long walks on the beach. He is looking for a nice cleancut girl to attend a wedding with around July 7.



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