How to use saupgrade

saupgrade is a command-line tool that takes 3 parameters:

saupgrade old.mdb new.mdb upgrade_file

Note that all of the saved games stored in new.mdb will be erased!

Just to be clear, new.mdb is a copy of the database from version of SA that you are upgrading to, and all of the data from your game will be copied into this database!
The most common mistake that people make when using saupgrade is to put something weird in the second parameter.
The second most popular error is that people sometimes copy the original database (i.e. old.mdb) into the new SA directory.

Conversion scripts usually tend to exist only between close versions of the database, so to convert a really old database, you may have to run the converter multiple times.

Saupgrade assumes that you have a working MS Access ODBC driver on your system. This will usually be installed on your system if you have installed Microsoft Office.