Jim's Pictures, NY Trip, March 2001

Pictures of the condo

The interior of the condo. It was small, with only a kitchenette, but it did the job. (big, small).

Cathy and Sean in deep thought, on the condo couch. (big, small).

Relaxing in the housecoats. All Eric needs is a cigar to go with the brandy and he's good to go. (big, small).

Cathy, worn out after a hard day's touristing (big, small).

I'm not sure what was going on in the background there. Cathy seemed unimpressed, though. (big, small).

Outdoor Scenes

Battery Park, where we learned all about the virtues of Woolly Hats (only $5, very cold tomorrow!). The statue of liberty is there, in the background. (big, small).

Central Park, with a few new denizens. (big, small).

Central Park has lots of trees. It would have been much nicer in the summer or fall. (big, small).

Walking down Broadway St. (big, small).

Outside of Les Miserables on Broadway (big, small).

High Places

Top of the Empire State Building. I figure I'm a safe distance away from the edge. (big, small).

More from the Empire State Building. (big, small).

Yet more from the Empire State Building. (big, small).

From the top of the world trade centre, looking over Brooklyn (big, small).

Eric at the top of the world trade centre (no, he's not peeing from the roof) (big, small).

The ground from top of the world trade centre. (big, small).

West Manhattan from the world trade centre. (big, small).

East Manhattan from the world trade centre. (big, small).

The bay and the statue of liberty from the world trade centre. (big, small).

Fun and Games

Eric, almost touching the skeleton of a particularly mighty Llama. (big, small).

The outside of Madison Square Gardens. Even a lousy season hasn't stopped the scalpers. (big, small).

The inside of Madison Square Gardens, before the first period. (big, small).

Nassau County Coliseum. Proof that it is possible for the Islanders to get a large crowd! (big, small).


The view along the centre of Trinity Church, a nice old church in south Manhattan. (big, small).

The entryway of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the main Anglican cathedral in North America. When done, it'll be the 3rd largest in the world. Quite spectacular. (big, small).

The cathedral from across the street. Here's where it is most obvious that it isn't finished yet. (big, small).

Above the entryway to the cathedral. Amazing stonework. (big, small).

The baptismal font, in a side chapel in the cathedral. (big, small).

The only stained glass picture I took where you can anything at all. One of these days I'll have to learn how to take low-light pictures with my camera, as many of the interior pictures of the cathedral did not turn out. It's too bad, as the interior was magnificent. (big, small).

The altar for peace in the cathedral. Beautiful wood used in this. (big, small).

Old Ships

The USS Intrepid, last surviving aircraft carrier from world war 2. Here seen from across the street where it is docked. (big, small).

The bridge of the USS Intrepid. (big, small).

A picture from the aft of the Intrepid. That's one long ship! (big, small).

The view from the bridge of the Intrepid. (big, small).

The view from the fore of the Intrepid. (big, small).

The base of the tower. The pop machines and person give an idea of the scale! (big, small).

A hellcat fighter in the Intrepid's hanger (big, small).

A helldiver dive bomber in the Intrepid's hanger (big, small).

A late model WWII US torpedo plane. (big, small).

Two models, comparing the size of the Intrepid with the modern USS Enterprise (big, small).