Jim's Pictures, Feb. 2001

First, the pictures from the Vancouver trip.

The view off Eric's balcony. It's up high enough you can see the harbour. (big, small).

A similar view, with me about as far as I got onto the balcony (big, small).

A view of Eric's kitchen, with only the clean dishes showing of course (big, small).

Eric's monster TV set, with Tim Horton's ad in full view (mmm, donuts!) (big, small).

Where Eric works, heading towards his desk. Note Eric's attempt to become a Canucks fan right behind him (big, small).

Where Eric works, from behind his desk area (big, small).

Here's a few pictures taken at Joint's new office

This is my office from just outside the door. Only Eric's office can make mine seem fully organized (big, small).

My office, from inside the door. Gotta get some paintings up (big, small).

And finally, some pictures from Cathy's new house

A picture of the storm outside Cathy's living room window. A reminder of what we are all going through to the people in warmer climates. The car-eating driveway is to the right (big, small).

Cathy's living room, with furniture, her plant and the "men" on the mantlepiece. The furry legs are Sean's, not a pet gorilla. (big, small).